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Essential Chrome Extensions for Marketers and Designers

Essential Chrome Extensions for Marketers and Designers

After over a decade in the marketing and design business, we’ve collected a gold mine of life-altering chrome extensions. And while some come and go, here are a few of our current favs that we thought too good not to share! *You’re welcome*

ColorPick Eyedropper

This is the designer’s dream. Just hover your mouse over any colour on your screen and this extension identifies its hex colour code immediately. Once you’ve picked a colour the colour picker stores it in your colour panel AND automatically copies it to your clipboard.



When you’re having a bad day even the most stringent grammar nerd can get it wrong. In practice I find Grammarly is great for picking up little mistakes when I’m working quickly. When you’ve been staring at words all day sometimes they start to swim. Grammarly gives me a bit of reassurance that I’ve definitely got it all correct. My favourite part of Grammarly is the weekly insights it sends you about your writing. One week I was more accurate than 85% of Grammarly users and I absolutely will *never* get over it.


Meta SEO inspector

This extension is a real cheat code for marketers and web developers. We use it to quickly analyse the SEO of a website in seconds, easily inspecting the metadata of web pages and finding any issues. A great tool to quickly check whether a business has some gains to make in this space.



This is an awesome first step for keyword research. Whatsmyserp provides keyword metrics such as search volume and cost-per-click for search terms, and also gives you a collection of related terms to try out.



Loom is a first-rate tool for quick and easy screen recording. You can record your screen, camera, microphone, and internal audio simultaneously – or select what you want to record. I do a lot of screen and microphone recording so that my face doesn’t need to be on screen. Loom recordings are also really easy to share with a link, and you’ll be sent notifications whenever someone views, reacts, or comments on your video. We use these to easily explain complex information that would take a long time. Sharing along with a screen recording means the viewer can see what you are discussing as you are discussing it, making it a great tool for training videos.



Pocket is a fantastic tool for saving articles, videos, and other online content to view later. This is a great way to clear out your bookmarks and avoid clutter on your desktop. Just imagine; all of your saved articles and content ideas in one clean space. If you get the extension on multiple devices the articles will appear across all of these too! We find this super useful for bookmarking content ideas we stumble upon while browsing the web, making them easily accessible by the whole team.


Meta Pixel Helper

Sometimes a client is unsure if they even have a Meta (Facebook) pixel loaded on their website, with this one simple plugin we can instantly check.



Want to see what platform a website is built on? Wappalyser let’s you quickly analyse the technology stack of a given website.

Have a plugin that you simply can’t live without? Share the details with us below, we’d love to check it out!

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