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Benefits of Using WordPress

Benefits of Using WordPress

Benefits of Using WordPress

Creating your business website can be challenging, as you have a LOT of factors to consider. Where possible, you should invest in a well-built website and get professional help, it could save you both time and money in the long run. You’ll feel the pressure of decision-making during those times. Choices you make now can affect your website’s speed, look, functionality, and activity. WordPress can help you with all of that!

WordPress is the most recommended platform among professionals. Here’s why!


When Did It Get Started?

WordPress started as a blogging platform and database management system. French programmer Micher Valdrighi introduced WordPress in 2001. Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg joined the picture and helped with the development, and they became the platform’s co-founders.

In May 2003, WordPress 0.7 was born. WordPress added more functionalities like theme systems, persistent caching, and better widgets a year after that.

Meanwhile, WordPress 4.5 added inline links, new formatting shortcuts, and more.

WordPress has been on the rise ever since. One of the main reasons is that they never stop innovating based on users’ needs.


WordPress Users

WordPress is used by 43.3% of all websites. That’s content management system [CMS] market shares of 65.1%

There are so many options that you can choose around, but no one innovates more than WordPress. Here are statistics you can look up too.

WordPress has 120 languages, including Spanish and Dutch. Do you know that CNN, TED, UPS, and CBS Radio are WordPress users? Each month they have 400Million views, 24Billion posted pages, 70M new posts, and 47M comments.

The WordPress platform allows you to use different tools, plugins and it has so many flexible features. 


Here Is The Benefits Of Using WordPress


It is a no brainer 

WordPress makes website creation easier for all web dev. They make HTML, CSS, PHP, and other coding languages easier.

In fact, you don’t have to deal with codings if you don’t want to. You can simply pick a template and edit it based on your needs. On the other hand, you can also ask your developer if you want to customise it or have a particular feature added to the site. 

Both options will give you time to focus on different areas of your business.


Innovating while maintaining stability

WordPress stays up-to-date with new trends and user needs. We all know that business changes over time, and WordPress is up to the challenge. They provide regular updates to resolve problems, add more exciting features and help the CMS stay relevant.


Multiple designs that will fit your style.

WordPress has thousands of themes that you can use for FREE! The best part is customising and personalising it based on your brand.


Gymnast Champion

Do you know that WordPress offers more than 22,000 possible plugins and thousands of themes to help your website adapt to constant trends online?

My favourite SEO plugin, YOAST SEO, helps me quickly understand what needs improvement in my website posts and pages. Other content management systems would be hard to install in other platforms, but here, you can do it in just a few minutes. But, keep in mind that before installing plugins, study the functions and compatibility of the plugin and keep them updated.


SEO is a piece of cake

When I started studying search engine optimisation [SEO], my brain cells divorced me. It’s no joke SEO is not as easy as 123. When I tried using this platform, it helped me understand SEO almost instantaneously, so much so that I could do it while closing my eyes—haha, just kidding!

Kidding aside, this platform simplifies heading like H1, H2, and H3 tags and keywords in the URL. As I mentioned, you can use supporting plugins for SEO like Yoast, SEO ultimate, and many others.


WordPress Anatomy

One of the best features of WordPress is the clean structure which is appealing to visitors and at the same time has a faster loading time. WordPress allows XML sitemaps. It helps Google bots locate your website pages and what pages should be crawled. This process saves a lot of money for business owners in web design SEO.


The best content management

Managing content in WordPress is straightforward. You can assign editors, authors, and administrators with customised access and freedom. Editing in WordPress is like writing in Word documents.


Sharing is caring

Sharing is a piece of cake! You can easily share your content on numerous platforms. You can use multiple widgets, plugins, APIs and almost anything you need to connect your social accounts in your website.


It is an open-source

This kind of software can be modified and enhanced by everyone. As a result, WordPress has been improved by thousands of developers around the world. Thousand of minds contribute new features and themes to this platform, strengthening the WordPress community.

Because it is open-source, this also means it can be a cheaper option in the long run as you are free to choose your own web hosting. Rocket Fuel Design can provide great value hosting packages. 

Responsive and efficient

You can create your website within a day! All you need, to put together your website is content and pictures. You can do any customisation the way you want it.



When you sign up for a website, you can choose many types of business, including eCommerce, retail, professional blogger, job listings, non-profits, small businesses and online communities.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

We all know how helpful APIs are. APIs make any integration and automation possible to work for your website and social networks.This platform provides thousands of APIs for you to integrate external platforms and resources.


WordPress has got your back

The community has thousands of technicians and volunteers. They provide free advice and support in various forums. All you need is to ask, and thousands of experts will help you in no time!



To sum up, it’s an easy platform to build your website. With just a little bit of instruction, and maybe some Google searches you can be on your way to creating a beautiful and functional website.

If you’re not sure where to start, our team at Rocket Fuel Design can help get you set up with the perfect template and guide you through the process. We will also help you in customising it to reflect your unique brand. Start creating your website today – Give WordPress a try!


Got any questions about your business’s marketing? Book a FREE 15-minute No-obligation Consultation with Rocket Fuel Design Founder, Lainey.

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